Managing ESXi 6.0 U2 in Host-Client

We have flashy Host-client GUI to manage ESXi Host independently without the help of vCenter Server from 6.0 U2 vSphere Environment.

Let’s go through how to manage ESXI Host through host-client which is one of the new features in vSphere 6.0 U2.

To open ESXi Host in Hostclient 

  • Open ESXi Host https://FQDN or IP address.
  • Use “Open the VMware Host Client”Untitled

Login Page

  • Use root/ local user credentials to login ESXi Host1
  • You can find VMware Host Client documentation in the same page.

Home Page

  • There are tabs to manage/ monitor Host, the different tab for Virtual Machines, Storage, and Networking.2
  • You can find details of Hardware, Configuration, System Information and Performance in center page of ESXI Host host-client.5
  • Move cursor down to find Configuration and System Information details.6
  • further, move we could see performance summary of ESXi Host.7

Shortcuts Available

  • Enabling/ Disabling SSH and console shell is so easy
  • Go to Actions > Services > Enable Secure Shell / Enable console shell3
  • We have a shortcut to Enter strick/normal lock down mode.
  • Go to Actions > Lockdown mode > Enter strick/ normal lockdown4
  • We can generate support bundle instantly
  • To generate support bundle, go to Actions > Generate support bundle.8

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