Reconfiguring vCenter appliance with Embedded PSC to External PSC

I was working with one of my customer who has Embedded PSC vCenter 6.0 and he wanted to configure a New vCenter with Enhanced linked mode with the present vCenter.

So as a pre-requisite it is mandatory to have External PSC for vCenter 6.0 environment to have Enhanced link mode.

There are few steps to be followed to reconfigure vCenter appliance from Embedded PSC to External PSC and I write this article with step by step instruction to reconfigure PSC.

Main Moto


Basic Requirements for Reconfiguring:

  • vCenter server appliance must be an Embedded deployment mode.
  • The Target platform services controller must be replication partner of the existing Embedded Platform Services Controller in the same SSO Domain.

My Lab:

  • is my vCenter Server appliance with Embedded PSC
  • is my External PSC which is my replication partner to existing Embedded Platform Services Controller.
  • There are many ways to perform this operation. I used cmsso-util to reconfigure my Embedded PSC to External PSC.


Login into vCenter appliance in shell mode.

Run the following command to reconfigure Embedded PSC to External PSC.


cmsso-util reconfigure –repoint-psc “<External PSC FQDN/ IP address>” –username “Administrator” –domain-name “<Domain name of your PSC>” –passwd “<Password for administrator>”


This successfully reconfigured to External Platform Services Controller.

Let’s take moment to validate the reconfiguration.


/usr/lib/vmware/vmafd/bin/vmafd-cli get-ls-location –server-name localhost


We are able to successfully see that it is reconfigured to new External PSC.


We can also validate when we logged in into vCenter using WebClient or connecting to vCenter using shell


Validate through Shell


If you have any query on anything you are free to write it in our comments section & we will make sure to provide you the better solution as soon as possible.

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